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Friends of the WE

It is with great excitement that Family Development Program announces the creation of a professional volunteer program at the Wemagination Resource Center. The “Friends of the WE” volunteer program offers community members ways to engage in opportunities to promote, enhance and expand programs that are available at the Center. Some of the ways our “Friends of the WE” can help Family Development to continue to support the education of young children are by offering your time and expertise in the follow areas & activities:

  • Educational Showroom
  • Warehouse Support
  • Fundraising
  • Special Events
  • Recycled Materials Locator

We are pleased to introduce our newest volunteer opportunity

Community Outreach Early Childhood Play Advocate Program

High quality early education is every child’s right. Early learning occurs through play. Advocating for play through expanding access to professional development workshop opportunities will result in children being strong, capable and competent learners now and in their future.

  • Play Advocates will provide community-based hands-on interactive workshops promoting play and learning through the use of WE materials. Our JUNK (Joy in Uncovering New Knowledge)—Learning through play workshops which will be offered to early childhood educators and families throughout Bernalillo Count.

If interested, please contact Paige Abrams at 277-8515 or and she will be happy to provide you with additional information!