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Material Donations

Wemagination is always looking for appropriate donations for our resource center.  If you’re going to throw it away, is it possible a teacher could utilize it in his or her classroom? Or could a family member with small children use it to encourage creative problem solving with low-cost open-ended materials? We look for clean, developmentally appropriate, fun materials that can find new purpose. We know that children learn best through play, and not only will donating allow you to keep your extra materials out of the landfill, it will aid early childhood educators in scaffolding children’s learning. Your donations are tax- deductible, and will help support the Family Development Program at UNM to continue to encourage play-based learning. If you would like to donate, please reach out to Paige Abrams at or Katherine Fernandez at and see if your donations can be utilized for all their potential. We say….keep it out of the landfill!

Wish List

What we have and want more of and what we don’t have yet! (Updated for Fall 2018)

Download the WE Wishlist PDF

*We do our best to accommodate all clean, non-toxic and high quality recycled materials. However, we do reserve the right to turn down any donations. If you have any questions regarding a donation, please feel free to give us a call at 268-8580 or 277-5800. And just so you know, we can pick up materials donated!