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Material Donations

Does your business discard materials that could potentially be reused by others? Wemagination Resource Center accepts all sorts of high quality recycled material donations. By donating these materials to the WE you are helping the environment by reducing waste that goes to the landfill, you can receive a tax deduction and most important of all you will be helping further the mission of the Family Development Program and Wemagination: High quality early childhood education for EACH and EVERY child!

Wish List

What we have and want more of and what we don’t have yet!

Download the WE Wishlist PDF

*We do our best to accommodate all clean, non-toxic and high quality recycled materials. However, we do reserve the right to turn down any donations. If you have any questions regarding a donation, please feel free to give us a call at 268-8580 or 277-5600. And just so you know, we can pick up materials donated!